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What’s a party without photos? It can be fun, but your guests will forget it as soon as they leave. For a memorable event, try something more exciting to help them keep its memory alive for longer. Renting a photo booth is one of the cool ideas that can spice up any party from weddings to corporate events and conferences.

As you can’t expect to find a photo booth next door, the fastest way to find out who rents them is to search online. For residents of Florida, this article can save you a little time, as it is about Photo Magic of Florida, a photo booth rental company that covers Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and any other place within this state. By visiting their website, you can find out more details about booths they have available for rent or make an inquiry for a price quotation.

Miami Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Magic of Florida has several types of photo booths, each of them with different features that make it unique. Depending on the theme of your party or on your personal preferences you can choose the one that suits you best. For instance, if your guests are big music fans and enjoy singing and dancing, you can rent the DanceHead booth and offer them a chance to produce their own dance and video DVDs. If you organize a teenagers party, you might want to rent the FacePlace Social Media booth which allows users to upload their photos on social networks in a split second. Your guests will be able to live “broadcast” your party on Facebook. Other booth models have names like Fotozine, Multi Arcades, Sketch Express and Kodak Sticker. You can read more about their specifications on the website.

When you rent a photo booth, you also get a professional technician who will attend your party and help you and your guests make use of all its functions. Anyway, all booths are intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry your guests won’t have fun because of too much thinking. The technician will also take care of installing the booth and of removing it after the party. There are also add-ons you can order such as photo frames, magnets and sleeves you can offer your guests at the end of the evening. Watch some of there photo booth videos here.

Orlando Wedding Photobooths

Making funny faces and taking photos is an excellent way of entertaining people at a party. Everyone wishes to be a child again, but in the everyday life few have the chance to do it. A photo booth will send them directly back into the childhood, and everybody at your party would do the same thing. All booths are equipped with professional DSLR cameras and with studio-like lighting, so your photos will have a very good quality. Everyone will be impressed and will leave with the feeling that you’re such a great party organizer, that they will ask you for ideas for their own parties in Fort Lauderdale Hialeah Miami Orlando Jacksonville St. Petersburg Tallahassee Tampa Orange County and Florida.

For renting a photo booth in Florida, check out and their offer. You might be very pleased with what you discover.

Cash From Unwanted Gold Items Riverside

Cash From Unwanted Gold Items

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Some of the different types of unwanted gold that they purchase are gold coins and medallions, gold jewelry, gold bullion, gold coins, gold cutlery, gold teeth, and almost anything else that has some gold content in it. Just take the next few minutes and go through your entire house and gather all of that old unwanted gold together. Been come on down to one of our stores and get the most value for your gold from us.

The real cool thing about selling your unwanted gold to us is that you can visit one of our locations during normal business hours. You will never need to make an appointment and a friendly representative will service you quickly. The qualified staff will appraise all of your unwanted gold and pay you a fair cash value immediately. You will not need to wait for a check in the mail or for days or months while your unwanted gold is being assessed.

Most people today require a few extra bucks because of the high costs of living. It is harder and harder to make ends meet at the end of the month for the majority of families. Besides, why would you want to keep something that you never use locked away in a jewelry box or drawer?

Use the extra cash at you received for your unwanted gold by taking your family on a trip to Disneyland or somewhere else exotic. You would be the hero of the household for a long time if you did something special for the family.

The Gold Exchange Company has been in business for a long time and they know how to treat all of their customers with the respect that they deserve. They have an excellent reputation for honesty and they will always look out for the best interests of their customers.

Many gold buyers will not pay you as much for your unwanted gold as the Gold Exchange. You can be confident that this company will pay you fairly for your unwanted gold but they will also provide you with information in case an item has more intrinsic value for a collector.

We see the gold market rising and falling on daily basis. Also it is hard to know how much gold is in a particular piece of jewelry or whatever. Therefore, bring your gold the company that has proven its reputation for years.

Have A Better Party With Smith Landing Photo Booth Rentals

If you ran out of cool ideas for your next party, take a loot at and see whether renting a photo booth could entertain your guests the way you want. Briefly, a photo booth allows the user to get inside, make a funny face, take some photos and print them out. The entire process takes a few minutes only and the fun is guaranteed. When the party is over, you just return the photo booth and keep the photos and the awesome memories.

Renting a photo booth is a good opportunity to be original. It’s a chance to surprise and entertain everybody. If you are a resident of Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey or Maryland, you can rent a photo booth from Smith Landing for your next party.

You can find all details on There are a few price packages available. All of them include additional services such as booth installation and removal, various props for the users and an attendant from the company. This technician will help you and your guests use the booth. Anyway, the instructions are written inside and the touch screen is very intuitive, so you won’t have any problems in printing out your photo strips.

Photo Booth Rental Denton Easton Maryland

The attendant will also bring some props you and your friends will be able to use for bringing your creative ideas to life. Just after taking the photos, you can access them online, based on a password that will be provided to you by the company. If you want, you can include custom texts and headlines on the photo strips. This is your occasion to let your creativity roam freely and entertain your friends as never before.

Apart from the basic services included in all packages, you can order additional ones such as acrylic photo frames, scrapbooks and video messaging. If you need the booth for a themed party, there is a possibility to have themed props to suit the other elements of the event. If you have such needs, it’s good to inform the Smith Landing staff before. They will tell you what’s possible and what not.

Smith Landing serves five major states including Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, as well as Washington DC. Many of our weddings and events come from cities such as Salisbury, Easton, Annapolis, Alexandria, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Ocean City, Kent Island, Havre de Grace, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Newark, Jersey City, Norfolk, Richmond and York PA.

Smith Landing Photo Booth
Denton, MD
(410) 443-5320

One of the coolest things about renting a photo booth is that your guests have the possibility to upload their photos on social media websites as soon as they take them. This feature could also be useful in case of a corporate event you want to share photos from across social media.

Photo booths can generate hilarious moments and a great deal of entertainment, so they are definitely a great choice for birthday parties, weddings or other special events. All booths from Smith Landing have professional DSLR cameras, so the photos will be very good in terms of quality. They will look professional without you having to hire a photographer for your event. Since most people are big fans of taking photos of themselves in various occasions, they are going to appreciate your idea of renting a photo booth. You party will be on everybody’s lips for a very long time and your memories will be priceless.

Kapture the Night New York City and Brooklyns Photobooth

How Kapture Can Help You Organize The Perfect Photo Event

Yelp NYC Photo BoothAll event planners know they need to be creative if they want people to appreciate their parties. They have to come up with innovative ideas and interesting things to do, so that guests have an awesome time. This is valid for both professionals and simple individuals who want to have an awesome birthday party.

One of the methods of keeping people entertained is the creative use of photography and video. This is why photo booths gain in popularity more and more, many people realizing how much fun it is for their guests to take photos and have them printed out or published online in real time. Read Kapture The Nights Staten Island Photo Booth Reviews.

Photo booths started as shopping center entertainment means. People would go shopping, then stop by those booths to take some photos and relax a little.

Kapture took this idea one step further and created photo booths for party rentals. You can book one of these booths for the day of your event or for only a few hours and offer your guests the chance to unleash their creativity. These photo booths come with LED lighting systems that can change their colors, stunning background and hilarious graphics. You can use them for any type of event from weddings to birthday parties or even corporate meetings or conferences.

The SuperBooth, for instance, is packed full with features that can entertain even the most grumpy guests. Up to six people can enter inside, so you can organize some cool group photos in an atmosphere of your choice. All photos can be instantly uploaded on social media by you or by any of your guests, with the help of a smartphone or other mobile device.

Staten Island NY Photo Booth Rentals

The Instabooth is another interesting choice. It has a feature that automatically sends all photos in Instagram, marked with a unique hashtag. This hashtag can be used for retrieving all photos from the same event, for printing them out or for creating photo albums.

If you want to create funny settings, you can choose the green screen option and put the images of your guests on the beach or on top of the mountains with only a few clicks.

For those who are addicted to selfies, you can choose the Selfie Mirror. They are going to be excited by the possibility of taking selfies without a mobile. Selfie Mirror photos can be branded as needed.

Brooklyn’s #1 Photo Booth

Should you want to offer your guests something more elaborate, you can create a Flip Book from their photo. This option is free of charge and it only takes two minutes to generate the book. Your guests can leave the party with such a terrific favor, at not extra cost for you.

As you can see, offers some modern features. Their photo booths are special, each of them being suitable for a type of client. This helps them cover a wide array of event types, so you have a good chance to find exactly what you need for yours. This is the perfect opportunity to offer your friends, suppliers or business partners a party they are going to remember for the rest of their life.

Save on your energy bill in Santiago CL with Solar Panels

Power from the Sun: Options in Santiago Chile

solare paneles santiago chileSolar power is, quite honestly, a bit amazing. After all, who would have thought that the sun would give us a free way of creating energy for our Earth? Those living in Santiago, Chile, can learn more about solar panels at

We work in Chile and our focus is on solar energy. We are committed to helping others learn about the benefits of solar power. In addition, we want both homeowners and business leaders to understand how solar power is cheaper for them in the long run and also how it is good for the environment. It is important to note that solar panels do not release greenhouse gases. This makes them extremely eco-friendly.

Solar power is a renewable resource. On any given day, there is a lot of sunlight shining down on the Earth; in fact, the sun gives us more sunlight than we need to create energy. There is really no limit to sunshine, which is why using solar panels to harness this form of energy simply makes sense.

Buying Into Solar Power

A quality solar power system can provide enough energy for either a home or a business. However, they are not inexpensive. Therefore, it is important to look at the purchase as an investment. You will not get your money back right away, but you will over time. Keep the following points in mind as you are thinking about whether solar power is right for you.

If your system generates more power than you need for your home or business, you may be able to sell the excess to utility companies. Therefore, not only are you reducing your monthly power bill with such a system, but you can even earn money back!

Some business owners also find it prudent to run their own small solar plant. They do not need any extra space for such a business because the panels go on the roof. Therefore, while it does cost money upfront to buy the system, the electricity that is generated can earn the owner quite a tidy sum of money. Like them on facebook:

In addition to the benefits listed above, it is often possible to receive a loan or a grant from the government if you want to set up a solar power system. Get in touch with us to learn more about what is available to you.
How to Afford Solar Energy

In Chile, we have close relationships with both public and private lenders. When presented with a qualified lender, they give reasonable rates. Typically, our buyers get a loan to help them pay for the solar power system. Ultimately, they know that they will not pay much for electricity after getting their system set up. So, the amount they owe on the loan may simply take the place of a power payment for a few years.

Some individuals do not want to get a loan, however. In those cases, it is best to ask about a lease program. This can help you get a system, sometimes without a down payment. This only adds to the savings.

Why Should You Make the Change?

As a business owner, it simply looks good for you to have a solar power system. You are helping to keep the earth clean and healthy, which is a cause that many potential customers care about. Therefore, you can improve your image in the community and save money at the same time.

Scientists are concerned about global warming, and they point to greenhouse gas emissions as being one of the reasons that we are experiencing climate change. This process has been going on for a long time, but it is getting worse because there are more emissions now than ever. Powering businesses and houses creates a lot of greenhouse gases, which is why solar power is a much better option.

The problem is quite large. It is important to take small steps to correct these issues. Renewable energy sources, like that from the sun, can help with climate change. It may not be able to reverse the trend entirely, but progress can be made. And, over time, who knows what the result will be! We can help leave the Earth a much better and healthier place for our children and grandchildren. It is important to think about their future as well when considering what choices to make for our homes or businesses.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Does buying solar panels make sense? Of course it does! They create renewable energy that is clean and does not harm the Earth. There are no methane or carbon emissions, so climate change issues do not factor in. In addition, it is certainly nice not to get charged by the power company each month for electricity! Finally, there is also the potential to EARN money by selling the extra energy that your system generates.

A solar energy investment is simply a good idea. If it sounds right for you, navigate over to and learn more!

Book Next Event in Metro Detroit Michigan with Foto Bomb

Why You Should Rent a Photo Booth for Your Party

A party will only be said to have been good or successful if photos are taken. This is because when the guests leave, you will have the beautiful photos to admire. If you have a creative photo man capable of thinking outside the box he can help to come up with innovative photos that are amusing and full of memories.

You have an option of renting a photo booth if you want to get photos that you can share with the rest of your friends. A photo booth gives room for creativity and will offer a better service compared to hiring a professional photographer.

If you live or have a business in Detroit and Michigan and you are looking for photo booth service provider that will serve your needs, visit On this website, you will rent photo booths at prices that are as low as $385 for two hours. Once you get to the website, you will get all the details required to help you make online reservations.

At photoBomb you will get booths equipped with cameras and 20 inch touch screens that gives you a chance to view and watch the cameras as the party continues. The booths are well lit to give your photos a professional look. The booths are equipped with a series of fun pops that will increase fun at the party. You will also get a chance to own an awesome photo album in which to keep the photos and show them to your friend who may not get a chance to attend the party. Like us on Facebook for Foto Bomb Photo Booths.

The photo booth package contains photostrips which come in white or black colors. The booth is capable of printing 2’’x 6’’ photo strip .You no longer have to cut your prints using scissors. The special strips we provide give you a chance to write anything at the bottom of the strip. This allows you to write messages or headlines on the photos.

The booths we provide are enclosed and can hold up to 10 people. They are designed to allow for creativity and you can bring funny and amusing group portraits inside the booth and leave as many audio messages and videos as you wish.

fotoBomb offers an option to upload your photos and share them on the social media such as facebook instantly. This is a feature that any modern photo booth should offer.

The advantage of renting a photo booth from FotoBomb is that we will give you a professional attendant who can help you use the equipment. This saves you from the need of learning how the equipment work and how it can be used. Our professional attendant will teach you how the equipment is used and take care of all the technical details. This gives you ample time to interact and have a nice time with your guests as photos are taken.

It is important to remember that photos add more fun to your party and a photo booth should be part of the key item to budget for irrespective of the type of a party you are organizing. The booth can be used in birth days, corporate events, weddings and farewell parties. Click here for more info on pricing.